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Buffalo Production & Nutrition

Nutritional Facts

Bison is the choice for the health conscious consumer and gourmet. Check here for the health attributes and cooking techniques.

Robes & Skulls

Decorate your home with a luxurious bison robe (hair on hide) or a stunning bison skull or head mount. Learn all about bison here.

Buffalo Meat in Southern Alberta
The Buffalo Horn Ranch Experience
Buffalo Meat Products & Pricing

Products & Pricing

Buffalo Horn Ranch offers a limited selection of bison meat cuts on a preorder basis.
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Buffalo Meat at Farmer's Markets


Buy direct from the ranch on a preorder basis or have us deliver to Calgary or Cochrane.
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Buffalo Meat Recipes


Bison is quick and easy to cook in all types of recipes. Because of the very low fat content it requires some different techniques to keep it moist and tender.
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Who We Are

Peter and Judy Haase have been running Buffalo Horn Ranch since 1994. Their goal is to raise the best bison and produce the best bison meat.
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