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Breeding Bull

Breeding Stock For Sale

Buffalo Horn Ranch has specialized in raising Pure Plains Bison since 1994. Each year we offer some of our best bison for sale as breeding stock to other bison ranches. Since we established our ranch we have strived to keep our herd pure and we have a well managed, selective breeding program to ensure we maintain the purity of our herd. We started our herd with 60 of the best heifer calves we could buy and a selection of the best bulls we could find. The herd has been closed since 1996, except for the addition of a small number of breeding bulls. Our current cow herd consists of about 50 of the best heifer calves born on the ranch in since 1998. Maintaining a closed herd with little exposure to other bison has been key to our maintaining a very healthy herd of bison. We keep detailed records of all the bison in our herd, which helps us select the best genetics to improve out herd. We have selected for thick solid bison with good meat yield, fertility and calving ease. We also look for good rates of gain in our bison especially on grass. We have a personal preference for dark and black bison. Most of our bison are darker than average. We market bison winter robes and dark Heifersbison command a higher price in the robe market. We have helped to establish several new bison ranches and we are willing to help you get into the bison business.

Breeding Bulls

We are no longer selling two year old breeding bulls. Instead we are selling our best bull calves as Breeding Bull Prospects. These bulls will be available in December each year. Contact us early for best selection.

Heifer Calves

We are currently selling our breeding quality heifers calves in January after weaning. These will be sold in groups of 10 to 15 depending on our calf crop size.

Mature Cows

Bison HerdWe may have small groups of Mature cows available in the future. Please contact us if you are interested.