Buffalo Horn Ranch - Natural Bison & Buffalo Meat

Production Facts

Buffalo Horn Ranch is operated by Peter and Judy Haase at Eagle Hill in the Rocky Mountain Foothills about a hour NW of Calgary. In 1994 we reintroduced a small herd of pure plains bison to this land after an absence of more than 100 years. Numerous bison skulls, bones and horns have been unearthed on the ranch, thus, the name Buffalo Horn Ranch. Interestingly, we are in sight of a historic buffalo jump and Indian encampment.

Our goal was simple, to bring back the bison and develop one of the finest herds anywhere for breeding purposes as well as to produce some of the best quality bison meat and meat products available. We feel satisfied that we have reached these objectives. Today our herd averages about 150 head.

Bison meat in AlbertaOur breeding herd consists of registered pure plains bison. Much of the breeding herd is DNA tested and registered. Our goal is to maintain the purity of plains bison and avoid the hybridization by crossing with wood bison that is common on other Canadian bison ranches.

The Buffalo Horn Ranch is first and foremost a grass farm. Careful management of our pastures and utilizing a rotational grazing program which entails frequently moving the herds to fresh pastures and allowing the other pastures to regrow allows for maximum quality of grass for the bison. The Ranch is managed with an Environmental Farm Plan to promote environmental sustainability. The ranch is also certified under the Canadian Bison On Farm Food Safety Program, ensuring all measures are taken to produce a fresh, safe and healthy food product.

The native people saw the bison as the greatest gift of the Creator. It provided them with most of their food, clothing and shelter. Their life, religion and culture revolved around the great herds of bison. The early explorers, fur traders and pioneers relied almost exclusively on bison meat to open up the west.

By 1885 the great herds that might have numbered over 60 million were extinct in Canada and less than 600 remained in the U.S.. Today more than 150,000 bison are again roaming the plains on private ranches across western Canada.

At Buffalo Horn Ranch Natural Meats we work hard to produce the best quality bison meat available anywhere. By controlling quality from conception to consumer we can assure you of delicious, tender,very lean meat from prime young bison. Quality begins at conception by selecting prime genetics that will result in well muscled animals. Our bison are raised freeranging on our lush pastures and are rarely confined. Our slaughter bison receive a short finishing period on a natural grain and legume pellet from a

HACCP certified feed mill, in addition to their hay ration.

Handling of the animals is rarely done and then in a low stress manner. We prefer to raise our bison in a slow and natural way, without using artificial growth hormones, non therapeutic antibiotics, chemical feed additives or animal by-product feeds which are routinely used in other mass-produced meats. The result is tender meat that is full of flavor.

The bison are slaughtered by a Government Inspected abattoir. The meat is dry aged for up to 14 days before being vacuum packaged and frozen. We have selected our Swiss butchers, Yvo and Bettina Schmucki of YB Quality Meats to prepare our meat and sausage products. We feel they offer us the best quality products in the old country style. All of our sausages are made with 100% bison meat and average 90% lean meat.

Producing the best quality meat is our objective, which only comes from a symbiotic relationship with our land and our bison. We take care of the land, which nourishes our bison, which in turn provides a delicious and healthy meal for you. This finally provides us with our livelihood.