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Peter & Judy Haase

Peter & Judy Haase from Buffalo Horn Ranch

Peter and Judy Haase have been the owners and operators of Buffalo Horn Ranch since 1994 when the bison industry was still in its infancy. We began our bison herd with pure plains bison, many of which we registered. Our philosophy was to keep a pure plains bison herd and to raise top quality plains breeding stock. Once our initial herd was established, we have maintained a closed herd other than to bring in the occasional pure plains bison bull with different genetics for breeding as needed. Over the years we have been involved in the bison meat industry and volunteered a great amount of time and energy to educate the public and increase awareness of the great qualities of bison meat. For over 20 years, we sold our own bison meat, labeled as Buffalo Horn Ranch Natural Meats, both at Farmer’s Markets in the Calgary and Cochrane areas and through an established home delivery system in the off season. We have almost entirely retired from marketing meat and have greatly reduced our meat sales. We thank all our valued customers and friends.

Throughout our bison ranching, we retained the top end of our heifer calves to improve our herd genetics and have developed a very nice, consistent herd of dark plains bison cows. Since we started raising bison in 1994, we have kept an extensive record of our herd and genetics. These records are updated and maintained regularly and Peter is able to look up or rattle off the genetic background of any bison that has been on the ranch. We now sell our weaned calves in the winter, heifers being sold to other bison ranchers as breeding stock, some bull calves being sold as potential plains breeding bulls, with the remainder sold to be fed out for the meat industry. Plans to retire from bison ranching are now under way. We have reduced our bison herd numbers and have retained a small retirement herd of our best and youngest bison cows that have been selected from our best bison genetics over the years. The ranch, our home and our bison are the love of our life and we are lucky to have been involved in a great industry of wonderful bison ranchers. We do, however, have great plans for being active in our retirement. Our exit from major bison meat marketing in the past years and a reduced bison herd size should allow us time to explore other adventures in our lives that, in the past, we didn’t have time for. We are excited about the future retirement chapter of our lives. Please continue to keep in contact with us.